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Now that we have completed our major reorganization project, we are once again taking in board game trades. However the process has changed significantly. Please read the following for more details.


We are only taking in board game, RPG, and miniature game trades by appointment, which is set up via email. You may email our Trade Team the list of board games you are wanting to sell, and we will reply to you at our earliest convenience. The email address is, Attn: Jamie Lynne.

Please DO NOT come to the store with a trade in hand without an appointment, as you will be turned away.

Once we determine the item’s secondary market value (SMV), we can make our trade offer. Typically, we offer either up to 30% SMV in store credit, or up to 20% SMV in cash. Each trade is different, and the actual percentages we offer will be specified in the trade offer. We reserve the right to decline a trade at any time.


We only accept on-the-spot trades Monday through Friday while no event is active. For on-the-spot trades, we accept no more than 40 cards at a time. Bulk rares are an exception to this. We only accept non-foil rares, mythics, and uncommons worth $1.00 or more in trade. At this time, we are not accepting bulk lots. Trade rates for cards produced after 1994 are based on tcgplayer median values. For cards produced earlier than 1995, rates are based on listings at the time of the trade. We reserve the right to decline a trade at any time.


All CCG trades require an appointment with our CCG buyer. Appointments are 30 minutes in length, are scheduled for Tuesday through Friday, and there are only ten appointments available per day. At any time, you may make an appointment over the phone or in person. To set up an appointment, we will ask for your name, contact info, what CCG you’re trading in, and how many cards in your trade. We keep an updated buylist, and we are presently only interested in buying Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Super, and Final Fantasy. We reserve the right to decline a trade at any time.


$100+: Card dependent
$20-99.50: 70% in used credit / 60% in new credit / 50% in cash
$7-19.50: 60% in used credit / 40% in new credit / 30% in cash
< $7.00: 50% in used credit / 30% in new credit / 20% in cash Bulk rares: $0.25 in used credit / $0.15 in new credit / $0.10 in cash Values are reduced by 10% per condition level under NM prior to applying scale rates.