We have thousands of titles to choose from, with something for everyone in the family ages 2 to 99! Once you’ve moved past monopoly, risk, and scrabble, there’s a whole universe of board games out there that many people are unaware of yet are incredibly entertaining. But even so, in a world where people are hooked in almost constantly, disconnecting and playing a board game or tabletop RPG like D&D is becoming increasingly appealing.


Many family games targeted for younger audiences are either incredibly uninteresting or insultingly easy, which is a sad truth. However, no matter who the game is meant for, this selection of current family-friendly favorites is certain to keep everyone entertained. These games, which range from fantasy co-op board games to fast-paced card games, are ideal for forming bonds and getting cozy on a wet Sunday afternoon.


What’s not to like about a board game where everyone works together? You and your squad get to work together and strategize using your various skills which works for kids, adults, couples, and more.

Most cooperative games are best played with four to six people, but some can also be played with two, making them a delightful alternative for free time.


Since family game nights are becoming increasingly popular, children and adults could be seeking for a much more challenging and enjoyable strategic board games. Some of us grew up on Risk, Battleship, Stratego or perhaps even Axis and Allies. These games focused your attention and occupied your thoughts on a dark day and were an excellent party activity for a large group. Modern board game themes have evolved significantly, and there’s something for everyone, from mushroom hunting to aviary design. You could also put yourself in the shoes of a Disney villain should you feel the need!  


When you’re throwing a party or perhaps just enjoying a wonderful evening in with your best friends, playing games can be a refreshing change of pace, a great ice breaker for beginners, or simply something to connect the group! Honestly, finding new board games to become fascinated with is a game-changer if you’re wanting to freshen things up.