Magic the Gathering Commander Legends Draft Booster Preorders

The next set from Wizards of the Coast is a doozy: COMMANDER LEGENDS! It’s the very first booster product made for Commander and the first to combine the two beloved formats, Commander and Booster Draft. Commander Legends has twenty-card Draft Boosters with a foil and two legendary creatures in every pack. (There are over seventy brand-new legends in the set!) Plus, it introduces two Commander decks, perfect for new Magic players or those who are new to Commander. You can order a Draft Booster Box below, or in-store every day between 11am-7pm.

UPDATE: WOTC has announced a delay in product arrival. Prerelease Day is now November 13th instead of October 30th. Which means we can open online sales again until Tuesday, November 10th.

CMR Draft Booster Box (24 packs/box) – $125 Each

Magic the Gathering Commander Legends Draft Boosters

  • Available for pick up on Prerelease Day: Friday, November 13
  • Limit TWO BOXES (2) per customer

Online payment is closed for this item.

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