From an early age, Max enjoyed incessantly begging his friends and family to play board games with him. 

In middle school he developed an obsession with LEGO and collecting plastic army men. 

At the age of 14, his cousin showed him an issue of White Dwarf Magazine and he immediately fell in love with Warhammer 40,000. 

Some 15 years later, Max has dabbled in just about every tabletop miniatures game.  He spends most his free time building and painting the countless miniatures he’s collected over the years.   

Max loves to help aspiring hobbyists and is more than happy to answer any war gaming questions you might have.  


Surprise! I’m a gamer!

I’ve played somewhere around 500-600 board games, my favorites include Battlestar Galactica, Hanabi, and Trajan to keep it short. I’ve gone to and helped organize a few board game cons, helped with play testing and game design on a couple games, and try to play as much as possible.

I also dabble in RPGs like D&D 5th Edition, Mouse Guard, and Fiasco and still have my old school NES, SNES, and N64 kicking around (my Sega bit the dust).

The two worlds rarely collide, but I’m also an avid outdoors person, what with hiking, kayaking, biking, outdoor education, and generally soaking up the sun.

Other hobbies include being a crazy cat lady, drinking, and watching/reading any scifi I find.


Kaebel has spent his past 20+ years in Portland wearing a variety of hats. Most recently those include art gallery curator, seasonal haunter, LEGO enthusiast, and casual gamer.

When he has the chance, Kaebel & his friends like to get together to either save the world in Pandemic or terrorize one another with Betrayal at House on the Hill.

He is a casual-yet-infrequent Magic player, and lately has taken the plunge into miniature games, namely Star Trek: Attack Wing and Malifaux.

Yes, that is his given name.

Yes, his eyebrows are shaved off.

And yes, that is George Takei’s autograph tattooed on his arm.

Feel free to ask for the stories behind any of these factoids.


QuinZ was raised by game design wolves in the far off land of Portland, Oregon.

When he isn’t pricing Pokemon, Yugioh, and Vanguard singles at Guardian, he’s playing those things. That, or he is repairing old video game consoles like the pro he is. In his spare time, this grand wizard is playing video games or testing out one of the many RPGs and card games he himself created.

Warcraft: Frost Death Knight, Healadin, Warlock.

RPG: Wizard Tinkerer, Mage Shadowruner

Video Games: Everything arcade and Nintendo related

Card Games: Force of Will, Magic, Card Wars, Yugioh, Pokemon, Vanguard, Weiss Swartz

Board Games: Ascension, Splendor, Starfleet Commander

Miniatures: Attack-Wing


Loves:  Monty Python, MST3K, Dr. Who, H.P. Lovecraft, Poe, Kung Fu, Horror movies, Welcome to Night Vale pod cast, juggling, archery, Japanese anything, traveling, video games, Lord of the Rings, and talking to humans.
Gaming credintials: Played Warhammer 40k and Magic the Gathering for over 20 years, owns over 200 board games, loves to be challenged to a game of Scrabble anytime, and listens to board game reviews whilst communting.
Warning…he is a weresalesman.