Guardian Games will be collecting donations of new, unwrapped items from now until December 20th in partnership with the Portland Bureau of Fire and Rescue Toy & Joy Makers’ annual Christmastime toy drive. The following items are examples based on toys recommended by the Toy & Joy Maker’s website. Purchase in-store or bring in a purchased gift and drop it off in our drop-box.

※ (Infant Toys) Fisher Price, Playskool, Play Doh
※ Lego’s, Lincoln Logs
※ Toy Cars/Trucks/Airplanes
※ Family & Children’s Tabletop Games
※ Kid-Friendly Card Game starter sets
※ Portable Electronic Games
※ Dolls and Action Figures
※ Craft Kits (Jewelry, Yarn, Paint by Number, etc.)
※ Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Footballs
※ Pretend Play sets (Tea-time, tools, career play sets, etc.)
※ Books for Ages 13 & Under


Portland Fire and Rescue’s Toy & Joy Makers mission for over 100 years has been to promote the spirit of helping children and their families in our community during the holiday season. This mission manifests itself by providing qualified families in need with appropriate gifts for their children. These efforts bring joy to both givers and receivers during the season and throughout the year.

Program Goals:

  • To provide leadership that encourages community Toy & Joy Makers partnerships that result in helping children and their families.
  • To strive to ensure that no child should go without receiving gifts for Christmas.
  • To reduce a child’s tragedy of losing their toys due to fire, flood, earthquake and other natural or man-made disasters.
  • To manage the resources and provide the support necessary to accomplish our mission.
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