Adventure awaits, but for now, our Corvallis party is complete! Keep an eye on our quest board and check back later for new opportunities to join that team.

Rest assured, the employment options in Portland are still valid and available. Your quest for job opportunities continues, and the paths to success remain open. Seek your desired employment with confidence in the vibrant realm of Portland.

As the noble adventurer roamed the lands in search of their next quest, they stumbled upon a notice from Guardian Games. The notice beckoned them to choose a job location and position, and to submit their resume with a cover letter.

Excited at the prospect of a new adventure, the adventurer dutifully gathered their resume and cover letter, and set off to the nearest Guardian Games. There, they selected their desired job location and position, and submitted their materials with pride.

Days passed, and the adventurer grew anxious. They were now one step closer to embarking on a new adventure as a member of the Guardian Games team. And so, the adventurer set off on a new journey, eager to see what challenges and rewards lay ahead.

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