Mar 04 2023


1:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Competitive Commander – cEDH Tournement

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Wanna show off your most broken builds and insane combos? Join us Saturday March 4th at 1:30pm for our Full Proxy Competitive Commander Event!

Competitive Commander (or cEDH) is a fast paced, cut throat constructed format that follows these basic rules:
– 99 Card Singleton Deck with a Commander at the helm
– All Cards must be in your Commanders “Color Identity”
– No sideboards allowed

For more information on cEDH click HERE

Start Time: 1:30pm Sign Up – 2pm Start

Cost: $25

Additional Info: 
-Full Proxy (Any amount of proxies of real, legal, accurately represented cards allowed)

– 4 rounds of no repeat prioritized swiss.

– 75 min rounds. 

– Top 4 determined by swiss results.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged!

Prize pool scaled to participation and paid out in store Credit:

20 Players
1st Place: $175
2nd-4th:   $75
5th-8th:    $25
36 Players
1st Place: $325
2nd-4th:  $125
5th-8th:   $50
Join the facebook group or discord to the local cEDH community.

PDX cEDH Facebook group:

PDX cEDH Discord server:

The event is finished.

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