Stop by, roll the die, get a random freebie.

Stay and play, get your pick. (Can do multiple times).

Run a game, get 2 of your choice. (Can do multiple times).

The goodies list:

2017 Free RPG Day Sponsors!
Paizo- Platinum (15 per box) Starfinder Quickstart
Chaosium Gold (10 per box)RuneQuest Quickstart & Adv.
Goodman Games Gold (10 per box) DCC RPG Adventure/Quickstart
Modiphius Entertainment Gold (10 per box) Star Trek RPG Quickstart
Monte Cook Games Gold (10 per box) Numenara
Chessex Silver (5 per box) Commemorative Dice
Gale Force 9 Gale Force 9 Silver (5 per box) D&D Gaming Mats
Lamentation of the Flame Princess Silver (5 per box) V.A.M. Supplement
Monte Cook Games Silver (5 per box) No Thank You Evil! Quickstart
Pelgrane Press Silver (5 per box) 13th Age/TimeWatch Quickstart
Ulisses Spiele Silver (5 per box) TORG Eternity
Paizo Bronze (3 per box) Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Pack
Troll Lord Games Bronze (3 per box) Borderhounds Quickstart
Wyrd Miniatures Bronze (3 per box) Through the Breach Minis Set
Wyrd Miniatures Bronze (3 per box) Through the Breach Quickstart
Angry Hamster Sample (1 per box) Sample Familiars of Terra Quickstart
Blue Panther Sample (1 per box) Sample Mini Dice Tray
Impressions Sample (1 per box) Sample RPG Status Tokens
Off World Designs Sample (1 per box) Sample Free RPG Day Employee T-Shirt (XL)
Third Eye Games Sample (1 per box) Sample Ninja Crusade Quickstart

(Plus we always add more for our premium giveaways!) (Premium items have special ways to earn them.) (The premium items are a surprise you’ll have to wait until the day of to see *wink,wink*).

Please see our calendar for a list of scheduled demos and times.

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