This Saturday, July 25th is Free RPG Day, and Guardian Games is thrilled to be celebrating with amazing giveaways and incredible deals!

RPG and Dice Sales

We’re offering a 10% off sale for all Role Playing Games and Dice and Dice Accessories for the day. There will also be a blowout sale for a lot of classic RPGs and selected metal dice that will be discounted up to 50% off! WHOA!

Free RPGs

We’ll also have a fantastic table of giveaway items! These will be original adventure modules, unique miniatures and brand new dice sets from RPG companies like WizKids, Paizo, Goodman Games, Mantic, Cubicle 7, Renegade and more! To get one of these items, roll a complimentary d20 (i.e. you keep the d20) and see what you win! And when you spend $100 or more in RPG or Dice products, you get your pick of one additional item from the table.

We’ve been posting many of the fantastic giveaway items on our social media pages during the week, so be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. See you this Saturday!

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