Announcing our Summer Series for Magic the Gathering players!

As of June 1st, and ending August 31st, MTG players at Guardian Games will have an opportunity to receive special prizes for their performance in our weekly events. We will track players’ match points from Standard, Modern, and Limited (i.e. Draft and Sealed) events.

At the end of August, whomever has the most match points in each of these three categories will earn one of the following prizes:

  • The Standard champion will receive a playset (4 of each) of each of the “Shock Lands”; they will be the most recent printing.
  • The Modern champion will receive one of each of the “Fetch Lands”; these are Zendikar and Khans of Tarkir printings.
  • The Limited champion will receive a Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition.

Current Rankings

As of August 17

Standard Leaderboard (PDF)

Modern Leaderboard (PDF)

Limited Leaderboard (PDF)