From August 1st, through September 5th, 2017; we will not be accepting any trades. We are overstocked and we are prepping for our:


WHEN: Labor Day! Monday September 4th. Set up time 11 AM-12 PM. Sale runs 12-5 PM. Tear down time 5-6 PM.
WHERE: Our parking lot. Rodda is closed that day, so we can use the whole lot. There will be food carts
We’ll have several tables with items on deep discount. These will be a mix of new and used games, but will all be items that have been sitting on our shelves for way too long. This is a yard sale, it’s going to be yard sale quality stuff. Final specifics to be determined.
Prize die. Roll the prize die with a donation to charity! We’ll have games and swag to give away. Again, specifics to be determined.
Customers can buy a table in our parking lot to sell their games, nerdy crafts, run a board game exchange, etc.
$10 for a half table, $20 for a full table. We can sell 16 (possibly more) full tables total. Prepay in store.