This summer return to adventure!

Send your child on a one-week adventure to battle monsters, solve puzzles, and overcome fantastical challenges! Dungeons & Dragons is a fun and social tabletop roleplaying game that promotes teamwork, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking. Everything needed to play will be provided. At the end of camp kids can keep their character records and bring them to Adventurers League where they can continue in an ongoing adventure!

Registration must be completed by the camper’s parent/guardian in person at the store. We cannot take payment over the phone or online. Camps are Monday-Friday, 1pm-5pm, and limited to 24 participants per week. Payment must be made to reserve a spot and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

CAMP 1 | JUNE 26-30, 2023
CAMP 2 | JULY 10-14, 2023
CAMP 3 | JULY 24-28, 2023
CAMP 4 | AUGUST 7-11, 2023
CAMP 5 | AUGUST 21-25, 2023

Feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns by telephone or email: 503-238-4000 or

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