Tickets for each week’s FNM tournaments go on sale Tuesday morning.

Players must register in advance for the event, which can be done in-person or through our  online storeMasks required for all tournaments. A player not in their seat 10 minutes into the round will receive a Match Loss and will be dropped from the tournament unless they report to the Head Judge or Scorekeeper before the end of the round.

Event #1: MODERN FORMATEntry is $6.00 per person. Event begins at 7pm, and will be 4 roundsPrizes paid out in Store Credit. Prize structure:

$24 – 4/0/0

$18 – 3/0/1

$12 – 3/1/0

$6 – 2/1/1 or 2/0/2

Event #2: DRAFT FORMAT — ADVENTURES IN THE FORGOTTEN REALMS (AFR) Entry is $15.00 per person. Event begins at 6:30pm, and will be 3 rounds. Prizes paid out in Store Credit. Prize structure:

$12 – 3/0/0$9 – 2/0/1$6 – 2/1/0