Guardian Games is pleased to announce a new addition to our Thursday Commander Open Play: Commander Nights: New Capenna’s Streets! Wizards of the Coast has created a new organized play format for a casual audience called Commander Nights, which we will be incorporating into our Commander Open Play.



Each week, Commander Nights: Streets of New Capenna provides players with a new set of Special Rules to choose from, which pods can agree to apply in their game. These unique rules change the rules of Magic, usually by adding an additional effect to certain game mechanics — and they’re inspired by the Commander Decks from the Streets of New Capenna! The following is an example of a special rule:

When a creature enters the battlefield and causes a triggered ability to activate, that ability activates again.



Each week, only one Special Rule is active, encouraging players to switch decks or change their playstyle from week to week.

Players in Commander pods who have decided to utilize the week’s Special Rule (and everyone in the pod should agree) can try to accomplish an Achievement from the list. Each player can earn up to two accomplishments every week, but only if they’re playing a game that uses the Special Rule. Players will receive free Promo Packs for completing each achievement!

*not actual packs*

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