Secret Lair is a series of limited releases created by Magic fans for Magic fans. Curated with reverence and packaged with care, it’s Magic’s love letter to the community. And the next Secret Lair is available this week!

Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition collects the five “enemy fetchlands” with all-new art, lovingly collected in a deluxe package available only in WPN member stores. Fetchlands were first printed in the original Zendikar block. Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition represents one of only a handful of printings of the much-coveted “enemy-colored” fetches.

We have an extremely limited number in stock, and will be selling them starting at 12pm on Friday, June 12, 2020. We will be selling them at market price, which will be determined that morning before we open. These will be first come, first served. We are open for in-store shopping again, and this is a great reason to come in!

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