Welcome to Warhammer Casual League! Whether you are new to the game, or are a veteran player, this league is for you! Weekly play every Wednesday night, 6:30pm-10pm in the Bar. You can purchase up to two tickets to accommodate yourself and your opponent. Tickets for each Wednesday will go up for sale on the previous Thursday.

Entry is $5.00 per player. And your entry fee enters you into a weekly raffle. Raffle winners will be determined at the end of each night of play. Masks are required in-store.

If you haven’t pre-selected an opponent we can pair you with another drop-in player from the group. Once you have purchased your entry, you will be sent a registration form to complete. Completed registrations and pairings will be available to view HERE.

Play any version of Warhammer: 40K, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Warcry, Necromunda, Underworlds, Blood Bowl, Adeptus Titanicus, Warhammer Quest, Aeronautica Imperialis, or Middle Earth

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