Start Time: 10:30 AM
Cost: $50.00 PER TEAM (25$ PER PLAYER)


  • Each team will have 2K (2000) Points. Each Player will have up to a maximum of 1K (1000) Points to use for their own army.
  • Any factions can team up. For example: 1K Point army of Chaos teamed with 1K Point army of Imperium.
  • Spells, Auras, Stratagems, Abilities, etc, can only be used on your own army list. Example 1: A Librarian successfully casts Might of Heroes spell, the target must be on a model from their own list. It cannot cast onto any model on your teammate’s list. Example 2: You cast a debuff spell on an enemy unit. Your teammate may not benefit from that spell. Your teammate can however cast a debuff on the same unit and gain that benefit for their own army.
  • Rules of Two: Under “The Rules Guidelines”, Organized Events Guidelines, for 1K points, the number of detachments – two per army. Number of times each data sheet can be included – two per army. Example: Player army A (Tyranids) can have up to two Hive Tyrants.
  • Because it is a total of 2K Points, we will be using 6’x4′ tables and 2.5 hour time lots.
  • Players can both move, cast, shoot, charge, fight, etc. at the same time when it is their turn of the round.
  • Each player can use/farm from their own pool. Example: Player A has one battalion of Tyranids (5 CP), plus Battle Forged Army (3 CP), totals 8 CP to start. Player B has one battalion of Space Marines (5 CP) and is Battle Forged (3 CP) totalling 8 CP to start. Players can only CPs from their own pool.

Like all our tournaments, there is not a paint requirement, with exception to the following:

  • Your army needs to be clearly identifiable.
  • Example 1: If your army contains an Iron Hands Detachment, they clearly must be all the same color scheme. As per referenced by the new standards of ITC.
  • Example 2: Player A’s army is White Scars, and Player B’s army is Iron Hands, both armies must be clearly identifiable as to which faction they are, and what detachment they belong to if there are multiple detachments within a player’s army list.


There will be prizes and trophies!

  • Best Overall Score — Remember, you score as a team, so pick your secondaries wisely
  • Best Paint — Every model must have their three paint minimum, and based to be eligible for this award
  • Best Team Sports — Extra raffle tickets
  • One Raffle for a prize pool — gift certificate from Guardian Games


Online registration is closed for this event.

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